Membership and Prices

Full membership is done by paying your fees by standing order. (Please note that standing orders are not a direct debit system).
This pays for your fencing and full subscription to the club.

Being a full member allows you access to the two coaches for a one-on-one lesson.
This is achieved by placing your name on their coaching lists at the start of each session.

The standing order is paid in regular payments each month.
Although you pay while not fencing in the summer, the total payment is still less than paying each week on the door.

This helps you to budget and for the club to get a regular income and budget its expenses .
If you are a regular fencer then the standing order makes good sense.

As of September 2016:

Pay weekly on the door
Adult   £10.00 per week
Junior – £8.00 per week

Pay by standing order
Adult – £25.00 per month
Junior – £20.00 per month

NOTE: Adult with a valid Student Card will be charged at the junior rate.

A standing Order must be set up by you to the club account.

The details of the account are:

Barclays Bank – Sort code: 20-84-58    Account: 00869244