Cadet Southern Winton Team

Dear Fencers, Parents & Coaches

I am contacting you as you may like to be considered for the Southern Region Cadet Winton team this year. Please find attached information about the Cadet Winton and how to register your interest. Also attached is the Southern Region Cadet Winton Selection Policy. If you know any other fencer who may like to be part of the team please forward the attachments and encourage them to contact me.

Coaches – it would be great if you could encourage your fencers to consider taking part.

The Cadet Winton is an annual inter-regional team event, held at Millfield School, Street, Somerset on the weekend of 19th/ 20th December 2015. There teams of 3 or 4 fencers per weapon that form each Regional team. The winner is the Regional team with the most victories. There are also prizes awarded to the winning weapon team and top individual fencers. The Cadet Winton is a fantastic opportunity for any young fencer to take part and represent the Southern Region. It offers a unique experience where fencers can fence within a supportive team and socialise with other fencers from different parts of the country. To participate, fencers must be aged over 14 and under 18 on January 1st 2016.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Lorna Cooke
Cadet Winton Team Manager
Southern Region