Club 2013-2014 Foil Championships

This year due to exams the foil championships were held in a new and very different venue and produced the most open level playing field competition in years. We had 14 fencers pitching themselves to become club champion and for the first time we had 3 juniors, and 4 novices trying their luck.

The Ladies foil produced a semi-final that had the two main female fencers for the county against each other, Anne against Jen, Jen managed to pull through away from Anne to be victorious. In the other Semi-final Lyndsey, who was victorious against Ashleigh in the play off, took on Charlie. Both were in their first club foil championships however it was Charlie that booked her place in the Final. The final between Jen and Charlie was fought with Jen securing the title. From what I gathered Jen is very chuffed with her victory! However credit must be given to Both Ashleigh and Charlie (both Juniors) for fencing against the seniors and showing us that they can very much hold their own.

1st Place: Jen
2nd Place: Charlie
3rd Place: Anne and Lyndsey

Onto the Men’s Foil Championship. Since there were just 8 fencers we started at the quarter finals. I will say that all fights were so close and very exciting to watch.

Mark vs Paul. The score line reflects a one side affair as Mark came out victorious (15-3). But since it was Pauls first year at the competition I am sure he will be pleased with his performance.

Andy vs Patrick. Patrick nearly produced an upset as he held his own against Andy creeping up to 10-8, but then Andy pulled his socks up and pushed through to a 15-10 victory.

Hector vs Noah. Noah is clearly a star fencer in the making as this DE seems to last for ages. But facing Hector a tricky left handed is never easy. Hector pulled away to a 15-8 victory.

Ewan vs Mike. This was the fight of the night. Two experience fencers separated by vast years…..but in this fight both very evenly matched. Ewan started well with a 4-1 lead and throughout the 3 sessions was leading Mike until eventually Mike in his wisdom crawled it back to 13-12, Ewan took the next two points, and was on the verge of the biggest upset in club foil championships. With a small crowd looking on the score stood 14-14 this fight had gone down to the wire. Ewan lunged, Mike counter lunged but the lights told the story……one light Victory to Mike! Well done Ewan…..We expect more like this from the County Champion in future Championships. Clearly Ewan had finally arrived at the Senior Level.

The Semi Finals

The last four consisted of the top four seeds.

Hector vs Andy and Mike vs Mark.

First on was Andy vs Hector. Andy was already tired and Hector took full advantage his knowledge of Andy’s style. From the beginning Hector pulled in front and wasn’t going to let Andy level up. The final score gave Hector his first outing to the final (15-12).

Next was Mark vs Mike. Mark came through 15-13 in a fight that saw him book himself into his maiden Final.

The Final:

Hector vs Mark. Both make up 50% of the County Foil Team, between two left handed fencers that have trained and fought consistently throughout the year. Mark stormed to a 7-1 lead, picking off Hector. Then Hector switched on and in a classic manner Hector worked out Marks moves and won the next 11 points. At the break the score stood 12-7 the final saw Mark pulling all attacks and the score line moved back to 12-13 in Hectors favour. Hector pulled up and started to parry riposte and eventually we saw a new Champion. Well Done Hector. Hector’s victory is a fitting tribute to the improvement we have seen in him this year. He qualified for the BYC in the under 18s has a last 32 placing, he had cemented his place in the county team and now the Club Champion. All hail the dawn of a new era!

1st Place: Hector
2nd Place: Mark
3rd Place: Mike & Andy C

Report by
Andy Courtney