May 2014 British Fencing Association Grade One Exam

Congratulations to all the juniors who took part in last week’s British Fencing Association Grade One Exam and securing a 100% pass rate.

With this achievement comes the opportunity for each child to receive a universally recognised, coach-signed badge and certificate which can be sewn onto a sweatshirt, fencing kit, etc. This proves your child has achieved a recognised level of fencing, and over time, allows them to demonstrate their understanding to other coaches as they progress with the sport at school, college and other clubs. It can also be added to any achievement portfolio they may have for school.

The cost to of the certificate and badge is £10 which covers purchase, postage of the badges and certificates, a sealed see through bag to protect what’s inside and examination renewal fees for our coaches. Please let me know directly via email ( or in person by Wednesday 14 May if your child would like their badge and certificate so an order can be made promptly.

Once we have all the certificates signed and badges, then we will produce an article and photograph for everyone to go into the Advertiser.

I would be grateful if payment could be made directly to Swindon Fencing Club by Wednesday 14 May.

Very many thanks
Neil, Alan, Stu, Dan & Olly