Oxfam Open – June 2014 – Men’s Foil

So, yet another early morning start and a run down the motorway to Cardiff Uni for the Oxfam Open. Swindon managed a good turn out with the four Wiltshire squad members all in attendance. Andy C, Sam T, Hector S and myself. This is a good, well run competition, it doesn’t tend to get a high turn out, but those that do go are a good mix of first timers though to internationals. So everybody gets a good run out. Thankfully we all were drawn in separate poules of seven with a great result for Hector (no losses) and a no.3 seed for the DE’s with me seeded 7th, Sam 8th and Andy in 20th. There were 28 fencers in total so a good result for the Swindon crew all supporting each other well. Now with the last sixteen looming we all made it through the first round, with only Sam managing to progress to the last eight being beaten by the no.1 seed. The final results were Sam 6th, Hector 9th, me 11th (consistent with last year!) and Andy, who was struggling with a hand injury in 16th (this too, was consistent with last year! – the result, not the hand injury).

All in all a good day at the office for Swindon Fencing Club, four foil fencers in the last sixteen of an open. Not withstanding the one or two stand out fencers and a couple of first timers this made for a heavily contested middle ground with a lot of good fencing by all so we can hold our heads up and say we’re were there, where were you?

Happy fencing