Parents – We Need Your Help

We now want to re-introduce more structure into the sessions so everyone can get the most out of them.

As parents you can help in a number of ways such as helping your child get kitted up each week, laying out electric boxes, sticking up the box signs so adults and juniors know which boxes they can use each week. By doing this, the coaches can spend more time coaching as more hands helping will get through weekly logistics that much quicker.

Alan would like to go through this with you in a little more detail tomorrow night at the club and it would be great to have some volunteers ready to chip in, so please give this some thought and help where you can.

We also need to ensure that kit is properly hung up and masks put onto the shelves when kit is returned at the end of the session. Each week a coach will be around to supervise and help children put their kit away properly.

Very many thanks
Neil Bromley & Alan Knowles
President & Head Coach Swindon Fencing Club