Results of the senior wilts fencing championships 2015

Men’s foil

1) Neil Bromley
2) Andy Courtney
3) Pete Houston
3) Mike Bradbury

Ladies foil

1) Clare King
2) Jennifer Stanford
3) Kirsty Hartley

Men’s épée

1) Nick Dobie (under 20 champion)
2) Andy Courtney
3) George Carpenter
3) Paul Donnelly
5) Mike Bradbury
6) George M
7) David McKay
8) Ben Dishman

Ladies épée

1) Zoë Sheehan (under 20 champion)
2) Clare King
3) Sian Lakely
3) Kirsty Hartley
5) Val Young

Men’s Sabre

1) Andy Courtney
2) Pete Houston

Ladies Sabre

1) Clare King
2) Kirsty Hartley

Woman at Arms Wiltshire Champion

Clare King

Man at Arms Wiltshire Champion

Andy Courtney

Those of you that were placed in the top four will receive your medals in due course. Most likely via clubs (sorry once again for the mix up in this) or directly if you fence at Swindon.

Huge thank you for Neil Bromley for coordinating this championships and massive thanks for all of you that took time out to fence this weekend.

Well done everyone and keep fencing!