NewsLetter – Sept 2018


Welcome to the rejuvenated Swindon Fencing Club Newsletter which will be published every term and we need YOUR help!


Each newsletter will cover forthcoming competitions and results from previous ones, club events including social dates as well as some pointers that will hopefully help with your fencing. 


This could be from how to keep foil and epee tips clean, footwork, to warm-ups and thoughts of how to evolve your tactics in a fight. We need YOUR help because you are our readers and so we want to hear from you about what you want in your



We’ve had a go this term and look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.  For the moment we plan to do a newsletter each term and more regularly based on the feedback we receive.  Feel free to chat with Neil, Jen, Patrick, Paul, Mike or Alex at the club and we will incorporate your ideas. Alternatively you can always email us instead using the clubs email address.


In this issue we will give you a list of forthcoming competitions, explain our new Ladder Competition, summarise the importance of British Fencing Membership as well as thoughts around how to warm up.


Ladder Competition

When we come back from our summer break we will be starting a new ladder style competition. Everyone is encouraged to take part and our hope is that this will be a regular ongoing part of the club. Members will start in a semi-random order and then compete to work their way to the top of the ladder by issuing a small number of ladder challenges each night to those above them. If you win you move up, if you lose you move down.


Competition Results

We have 2 national England Champions, Ed & Lottie who each won bronze.

Medal team winners – Charlie, David & Ethan,

Dunstan double – Noah, Amelia,

Lottie Epee win.


Upcoming Competitions

Swindon Club Foil competition – 16th Oct (see calendar)

Southern region Competitions: Team Foil – 7th Oct (for more details see

Wiltshire Senior Championships – November – Time and Date tbc

Wiltshire Youth championships – 23rd Sept – St Francis, Pewsey

Warming up

Warming up is a really important part of fencing. warming up prepares your body for exercise by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation; this loosens the joints and increases blood flow to the muscles. Stretching the muscles prepares them for physical activity and prevents injuries.

Fencing is an impact sport and one that puts a big strain on your muscles and other parts of the body. If you want to avoid injury and fence at your best then a good warm up is something you can’t afford to skip.

BFA Membership


All fencers should be members of the BFA even if they are only semi regular casual fencers. Being a member of the BFA lets you attend fencing competitions and events and also provides you with the relevant insurance that you need to fence safely and confidently.


Membership with the BFA also entitles you to a copy of the Sword magazine. So make sure you dont miss out on a great source of fencing news and tips


There are a number of different types of membership so you can select the membership that best suites you. Shown below are the current prices for membership (annual).


Membership Category

Discounted Auto Renewal

Full Price   

Adult Compete



Under 20 Compete



Under 14 Compete



Recreational 18+



Recreational Under 18



Starter 18+



Starter Under 18



Supporter 18+



Supporter Under 18







How to join as a new member:


Remember to select Swindon Fencing Club (Wiltshire) as your home club. This is really important as its raises the clubs profile and importance and helps us access more support and assistance from the BFA.


BFA Gradings

When you join ed the club you should receive a white fold out card giving details about us and how you can develop your fencing through achieving grading awards. There is a list of all the actions and theory knowledge you need to know before taking your grading. If you haven’t received your card, please speak to a member of the committee.  For juniors and novice adults we will be working towards Grade One Foil and Epee to take place on Tuesday XXXXXX.  The cost of the grading is £10 which covers the badge, certificate, postage and a small donation to club funds.


New this term is our weekly plan detailing what each session will cover and important dates so you know in advance what you will be doing each week. You will each receive a copy and there is also an electronic version available.


VET News

Winton Vet competition on the 22nd and 23rd of September

Social Dates

On the 19th of August there will be a picnic in the park social. Details TBC

Sign In Sheet

We have recently started a sign in sheet for our club. This is located on the table which is always set out near the entrance to the hall. It is vital that you fill this in each time you attend the club. It helps us know who is in the building in case of a fire and is therefore a big part of our health and safety procedure, It also helps us to track who is attending and keep track of membership payments etc. Please do your best to fill this out every session.