Alan Knowles

Alan started fencing in 1981 and was been taught by Steve Glaister. He began teaching fencing in 1988 and between 1989 and 1996 he held the posts of Chairman, Coach and Team Captain at Bradford University Fencing Club.

Alan currently holds BFA Coaching Award (2005) Level 4 in all Weapons.

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Shaun Garley

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Neil Bromley

I believe fencing changes young people’s lives – it is the ultimate leveller where focus and mental agility overcome physical ability. Harnessing children’s imagination, I positively demonstrate how ours is a unique and fully inclusive sport.

Learning to duel provides escapism from our digital world into an active sport that very few experience. Pupils I have taught, not inclined towards team games say it is the ideal sport to find oneself, improve physical and mental well-being which benefits them for the rest of their lives and gives a sense of fulfilment. They are attracted because they participate at their own speed and achieve their own goals.

My ethos of engagement and inclusion nurtures individuality and self-efficacy so participants feel comfortable in their own skin. Burning up to 400 calories per session, participants truly discover their inner Jedi.

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