Fencing equipment

Leon Paul and Allstar are the two biggest suppliers of fencing equipment in the UK, however in recent years a number of other suppliers have started. You can talk to the club armourer Mike, the coaches or other, experienced fencers about the pros and cons of the various suppliers.

Leon Paul
Allstar Fencing equipment
Excalibur Sports
The Fencing Shop


Alan Knowles’ homepage
Shaun Garley’s homepage

Veterans Fencing

Fencers who are 40 years old or over qualify for veterans’ fencing. The BVF organize their own individual and team competitions.

British Veterans fencing

Information and Clubs

Quarte Riposte – some useful articles on foil fencing, including priority for newbies, separating attacks and practising refereeing
Explore Fencing
Wiltshire Fencing
Southern Fencing
British Fencing Association
Bath Sword Club
Bristol Fencing Club
Swindon Fencing Facebook group